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Keeping on top of your technology problems and making sure you get the best value from your ICT spend isn't easy and it's all too tempting to put these things off until you've got more time. Building an ICT strategy enables you to focus on what's really important. We will give you independent advice on where you can improve your use of technology to help you to:

  • secure funding;
  • protect your website and data from cyber-attacks;
  • comply with GDPR;
  • exploit new ways of working; and
  • control costs and achieve value for money.

Whilst it's quite possible to get by without an ICT strategy, doing so means that decisions around IT investment and direction are often made in isolation from the bigger picture and the wider issues that face your organisation. Inevitably, such an approach will lead to greater inefficiency and less cost-effective solutions.

We will work hand-in-hand with you to help you to master all of the technology related issues involved in running your organisation.

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What people say about us

"Stuart and I worked across different regions of the country as members of a national assurance team. It was always good to know that I could draw upon Stuart's wise counsel and knowledge when evaluating new assurance situations and working methods. Stuart created and successfully managed a loyal client base within his geographical region which consistently generated repeat business."

Michael Christodoulides

VP, Third Party Risk Manager, Barclaycard

"It was my great pleasure to work alongside Stuart as he wrote, developed and delivered a Level 3 technical certificate for IT Professionals. He was precise and accurate, but flexible enough to amend the delivery in response to feedback.

"As he is now developing websites for clients, I will be approaching him for help and advice, delivered in an understandable way."

Samantha Marshall Dip RSA

Skills Trainer

"Stuart is a highly competent web manager and an extremely valuable addition to any organisation. He is conscientious and considered in his approach to his own work, but is also ensures that he is continually aware of the demands on, and time constraints of, others - always responding calmly and carrying out his role to a high standard, thus supporting the efficient functioning of the entire team."

Naomi Blundell

Freelance Music Teacher and Singing Leader

ICT Strategy
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